Booking and payment application for service based businesses.

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What is

Book and Pay is a booking and payment application specifically designed for service based businesses. With BookAndPay your customers can book your service by web or phone or SMS any time.

Key Features

Provide online and phone booking instantly.

Receive payment at the time of booking or later.

Programmable reminders by email, sms, twitter or by phone call.

Enable variable fees for appointments based on the time of the day or busy periods of the year

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Who uses BookAndPay

  1. Sports Facilities
  2. Health,Fitness centers
  3. Optometry, Dental clinics
  4. Hair Saloons.
  5. Professionals
  6. Training and Education centers
  7. Service centers
  8. Coaches and Consultants.
  9. Transport services ( e.g. Airport shuttle services)
  10. Trades people
  11. Cleaning, Gardening and similar services.

Why should I use BookAndPay application

How do I use Book And Pay