Enable online booking and payment easily for just $5 a month

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Who is it for

Book and Pay is designed for
  • Sports Facilities
  • Health,Fitness centers
  • Optometry, Dental clinics
  • Hair Saloons
  • Professionals (e.g Accountants, Lawyers)
  • Training and Education centers
  • Service centers (e.g. car servicing)
  • Coaches and Consultants. (e.g. financial consultants, therapists)
  • Transport services ( e.g. Airport shuttle services)
  • Trades people
  • Cleaning, Gardening and similar services.
  • Franchisees.

How it works

Step 1:

Create your calendars and schedule: The calendar represents a specific location ( e.g optometry) or a resource (e.g. Tennis court or a tutoring class ) or yourself or your staff (e.g. personal trainer in a gym)
The schedule might be fixed one hour duration from 9 to 5 or it might be recurring sessions on a specific time every Monday.

Step 2:

Create reminders and payments: For each calendar, create your personalized notification messages and the communication channel. (e.g. SMS, Email). If you require payment from your clients at the time of booking, enable payment. The fees can be fixed or variable based on the demand / time of the day/year

Step 3:

Add the booking button on your website. Once you complete step 1 and 2, you can copy the generated URL and use that URL in your website. The URL is unique to your account.

Key Features

Booking Calendar System.

The calendar system is specifically designed for online booking and payment. The design allows you to create recurring schedules, holiday periods, lunch breaks, vacations, appointment time

Integrated Payment system.

BookAndPay comes with payment integrated. You can receive payment at the time of booking or later. Payment will be processed by secure third party banks and financial institutions. You can choose to charge fixed fees or variable rates to your customers. Variable rates allow you to charge based on demand such as time of the day or busy periods of the year. Payment is integrated with calendar.

Self-service for clients.

Self-service allows clients to view make changes to booking and view past payments easily with one time passwords. Your clients enter the mobile or email used for booking and a one time password will be provided. Self-service improves customer convenience and improves your productivity.

Personalized SMS and Email notifications

BookAndPay comes with customizable templates for personalizing your messages. You can send personalized messages such as "Dear Sam" instead of "Hello there" . You can choose different messages based on the reminder and the communication channel. For example first reminder message can be via email and the second reminder might be via SMS 24 hours prior to booked time. Clients have the option to confirm via SMS or Email.

See full list of features here